Eight-Storey Girl Scouts from the Paleozoic Era

…Then one time, I believe it was July-


-August, there’s a knock on the door. I open it, and there’s this cute little girl scout.

And she was so adorable with the little pig tails and all.

And she says to me, “How would you like to buy some cookies?” And I said, “Well, what kind do you have?” She had thin mints, graham crunchy things-

Raisin oatmeal!

-Raisin oatmeal, and I said: “We’ll take a graham crunch. How much will that be?” And she looks at me and she says: “I need about treefiddy.”


Well it was about that time that I notice that girl scout was about eight stories tall and was a crustacean from the paleozoic era.

The Loch Ness monster!

I said: “dammit monster! Get off my lawn! I ain’t giving you no treefiddy!” It said: “How about just toofiddy then?” And I said: “Oh, now it’s only toofiddy?! What, is there a sale on Loch Ness munchies or something?!”

-South Park (Season 3), The Succubus


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