Tuning my Piano

To steal a phrase from John Barth’s maiden novel: this is me tuning my piano, getting the words to follow each other so the telling doesn’t fail the story.

Once there is a story, anyway. We will know because you will be back, drawn by a tugging, gnawing, nagging requirement for your next fix, like Novocaine.

And I will be wringing my hands, cursing myself for not preparing better, as we are swept away by the sheer force of something unbelievably banal and jejune.

Like toothache.

We will know because I will have given up on tuning my piano, discarded the last of my vanity, these last shreds of self-reference. There will be nothing but the stories themselves.

This page will be empty. This ‘bio’ which is currently 128 words long.

All gone.

The author resides in Delhi.


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