Things That Make Me

Short story? Prose poem? Lucid dream? Autobiography?
In any case, definitely worth your time.

All those who wander are not lost

I started wearing black because I heard it hid flab and made people look slimmer.

I never paid attention in algebra class, because my sixth grade maths teacher had a loud voice and at the age of eleven, along with waiting for my Hogwarts letter I had learnt to drown out loud voices that came from my parents bedroom every night.

I love cats because one would sneak in my room every night through the balcony and kill rats and I was afraid of rats.

I am afraid of rats because they infested our house and were ugly and I lived in constant anticipation of them biting me.  I am still afraid of them because they remind me of rented houses we lived in and the constant chaos our lives were in.

I am awkward when my mother hugs me because she didn’t do it until I was 15.


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